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Wilson Combat FOUR 1911 .45 ACP 10 Round ETM Railed Magazines NEW! # 500-45FS10B

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SKU: 500-45FS10B(4)

Custom Bundle: No

For Gun Model: 1911

Modified Item: No

Material/Finish: Black

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Bundle Listing: No

Specific Part: Magazines

Non-Domestic Product: No

Gauge/Caliber: .45 ACP

MPN: 50045FS10B

Brand: Wilson Combat

For Gun Type: Handgun

For Gun Make: Wilson Combat

Type: Magazine

Model: 1911 Elite Tactical Magazine,

 Elite Tactical Magazine, .45 ACP, Full Size, 10 Round, Wrap Around Base Pad

 Black Fluoropolymer Finish

4 PACK!!!!


Elite Tactical Magazine, .45 ACP, Full-Size 1911(Government Model), 

10 Round Capacity, Polymer extended basepad, railed feed lips

Our legendary magazines are so inherently reliable they'll make virtually 

ANY 1911 pistol function EVERYTIME, including YOURS!

This new 10rd magazine has the strongest magazine tube available with a new railed feed lip design that mitigates tube spreading common to hard-use 10rd 1911 magazines with no loss in feed reliability.

Aircraft Grade Certified Stainless Steel Tube Resists Corrosion and cartridge viewing slots are at the rear to maintain structural integrity. Multi-step tumbling ensures a smooth finish inside and out.

.025" Tube Walls - Thickest In The Industry and Heat Treated for Maximum Durability and Service Life

Fiber-Fill Nylon Self-Lubricating ETM Follower Provides feeding and positive lock back-Extended Skirt Ensures Stability in Operation and Minimizes Creep from the Tube when the Magazine is Empty

Maximum Tensile Strength Heavy-Duty Stainless steel Spring for Long Service Life, Enhanced Feeding and Positive Slide Stop Operation without fear of corrosion

Removable Polymer base adds grip length for enhanced shooting and rapid reloading and is marked for magazine numbering

No Other Magazine on the Market Can Compare for Proven Inherent Reliability, Durability and the Ability to Remain Loaded for Long Periods of Time Without Damage.

No-Risk Service Policy - Wilson Combat will replace any magazine tube that spreads, cracks or becomes unusable during normal use. 

Wilson Combat magazine springs and followers are considered consumable items and may require replacing after extensive use.

Black Fluoropolymer Finish

About Railed Feed lips

Because of the extra mass of the ammunition stack, the feed lips of a 10-round 1911 magazine take a significant impact when the magazines are dropped or slammed in the gun during a slide lock reload.  These repeated impacts can cause your fed lips to spread over time.

Folded, “Railed” feed lips reinforce this critical area without any loss of feed reliability.  They are more expensive to manufacture, but testing has shown they are more durable over long-term use.

Railed feed lip ETM magazines are manufactured under license from CMC, LLC.

This Full Size Magazine fits all of the following!:

1911 manufacturers Full Size
A.J. Savage (US gov't contract slides only) USGI 1911
American Classic Classic, Classic 2, Commander, Trophy
American Tactical FX45 1911, FX45 GI, FX45 Thunderbolt
A&R Sales Lightweight receiver
AMT All models of 1911 except for Backup
Armscor Medallion, Practical,GI (All models except 1911CS-GI, 1911 CS-PS)
Astra Arms (Switzerland) US Model 1911, Daytona
ATI FX45 1911, FX45 GI, FX45 Thunderbolt
Auto Ordnance (West Hurley, NY) All Models
Auto Ordnance (Worcester, MA) All Models
Briley All Models
Brolin Arms L45 Legend, L45T, Patriot, Pro Stock, Tac 11, Gold series
Cabot All Models
Caspian (slides and frames only)
Charles Daly Government, Target, Empire, Commander,
Christensen Arms Government, Commander, Tactical
Cimarron 1911 Government
Citadel CIT45FS all models with "FS"
Colt (commercial and US/foreign gov't contract) 1911, Government, Commander, National Match, Gold Cup,
Crown City All models
Dan Wesson Patriot, Panther,Pointman, Specialist, RZ-45, RZ-10, Valor, V-BOB, Guardian
Detonics Servicemaster, Scoremaster
Double Star All Models
Ed Brown All Models
EMF Hartford Model
Essex (slides and frames only) 1911, Recon, Comander
Federal Ordnance All models
Firestorm Llama Models Max 1, IX-A. Filipino Models-Commander, Trophy, Contender
Fusion Longslide, Government, Commander
Griffon Combat All Models
Guncrafter Industries American, No Name
High Standard Camp Perry, Custom, 1911A1, G-Man, Supermatic
Imbel See Springfield
Imperial Defense See Griffon
Infinity All single stack models except for TIKI
Interstate Arms (Regent)
Irwindale Arms Industries (IAI) See AMT
Israeli Arms Industries (also called IAI) All Models
Ithaca (new business located in Sandusky, OH) All Models
Ithaca (old NY-based company, US gov't contract only) All Models
Iver Johnson 1911A1, Eagle, Hawk, Trojan
Karl Lippard All Models
Kimber Custom, Gold match, All "Pro" models
Note-Kimber's with ramped barrels may have clearance issues with Wilson Magazines
Kongsberg (M/1914 pistol manufactured in Norway under Colt license) All models
Les Baer All models except for Stinger
Llama Max-1, IX-A, B
Magnum Research (Bul) Desert Eagle G, C
Metro Arms MAC 1911
Mitchell Gold Series, Signature, Tactical
MP Express
Nighthawk All models except T-3, Heinie Compact
Norinco All models
Nowlin All models
Para Ordnance Executive Carry, Black OPS, All Elite except Officers/Carry, PXT 1911,D Series, T-Series, CCO, CCW, Expert Carry
Note-Slim Hawg and "Carry" use a magazine similar to a Sentinel but normally the Sentinel will not lock in place without modifications to the baseplate
If Para Standard is 8 rounds use a "Full Size" magazine, if Para standard is 7rds use a "Compact". We do not offer a direct replacement for the 6rd guns but Sentinel baseplate can be modified to work
Olympic Arms Matchmaster, big Deuce, Westerner, Trailboss, Cohort, Constable
Omega Defense/ODI All models
Peter Stahl All models
Randall Combat, Raider, Service
Ranger All models
Note-LeMay models are similar to Sentinel magazines but not exactly the same
Regent R100, R200S,
Remington Arms (current business) 1911 R-1 All Models
Remington Rand (US gov't contract only) All models
Remington-UMC (US gov't contract only) All models
Rock Island Armory
Rock River Arms All models
Ruger All models
Safari Arms All models except for Enforcer
Schroeder Bauman All models
Sig Sauer Full Size, Carry, Nightmare,Nitron Rail, Stainless Rail, XO, TTT, TacOps, Scorpion, Spartan, Extreme, Nightmare, 5-11, Max, Desert
Singer (US gov't contract only) All models
Sistema (aka D.G.F.M.-F.M.A.P.) (M1927 pistol manufactured in Argentina under Colt license)
All models
Smith & Wesson All models except for SW1911 Compact ES, Pro Series Subcompact
Springfield Armory (former military arsenal in MA, made 1911s from 1914-1917 under US gov't contract) All models
Springfield Armory (commercial business established in 1974, not associated with above) All Models Except Compacts listed Compact,Ultra-Compact,Micro Compact,
STI Duty One 5, Duty One 4, GI,Lawman 4.0, Lawman 5.0, Rangesmater, Ranger 2, Sentinel Premier,Sentry,Spartan 4, Spartan5,Tactical SS 4.0, Tactical SS 5.0,Trojan 5.0, Trojan 6.0, Targetmaster, USPSA Single Stack
SVI All full size single stacks
Tanfoglio Witness 1911 single stack
Taurus All 1911 models are full size
Taylor & Co. Full size tactical
TİSAŞ T45 All models are full size
Turnbull Mfg. All models are full size
Unertl All Models
Union Switch & Signal (US gov't contract only) All Models
Uselton Arms All models
USFA All models
Wilson Combat 1996A2, CQB, Protector, Classic, Ultralight Carry, Professional, Bobtail Models
Vega (frames only) All models
Valtro All models
Victory Arms see detonics
Volkman All models

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