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RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center Carbide Primer Pocket Uniformer Lg Pistol #90383

SKU: 90383
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Trim Mate Case Prep Center Carbide Primer Pocket Uniformer
For: Large Pistol


The RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center helps to make the tedious 
tasks of chamfering, deburring, primer pocket cleaning, 
military crimp removal and flash hole deburring quick and effortless.

 The five gear driven heads turn each tool so all the reloader has 
to do is hold the brass at the appropriate location until they are 
satisfied with the results. 

These accessories make the RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center 
a more versatile machine to meet many case prep requirements. 

Primer pocket uniformers are designed to ensure that primer pockets
 are cut to the correct SAAMI depth specifications, 
cleaning out built up carbon residue from previous firings and 
squaring the bottom of the primer pocket with respect to the case head. 

This step is important as variations in the seating depth 
of the primer can change how the firing pin strikes the primer
 producing inconsistent ignition.

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