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RCBS Bullet Puller 09440 WITH 45 Caliber Collet Included NEW!! # 09440+09436

SKU: 09440+09436

Bullet Pullet with .45 Caliber Collet 



The RCBS Bullut Puller 09440 Bullet Puller Made By RCBS
Is A Top Of The Line Bullet Puller.

NOTE: This puller requires a caliber specific collet to operate (included)

The RCBS Collet Bullet Puller is designed so the reloader can easily pull jacketed bullets from brass cases without damaging either. 

The puller utilizes standard 7/8"-14 threads so it will work almost any single stage reloading press. 

Just get the die setup in the press with the appropriate caliber collet 
, place the cartridge with the bullet to be removed in the press, lift up the ram, then tighten the collet, lower the ram and the bullet is pulled out. 

No more hammering away with inertia bullet pullers to break down ammunition.  Not for use with non-jacketed bullets.


  • Not for use with lead bullets
  • This puller does not come with any collets, user must purchase the correct caliber collet for their application


RCBS Collet Bullet Puller Collet


FOR: 45 Caliber 

The RCBS Collet Bullet Puller is an excellent tool designed to help reloaders dismantle loaded ammunition to save valuable components. 

These collets are designed to easily pull out jacketed bullets without damaging them. 

These collets will only work with the standard RCBS Collet Bullet Puller. 

They are not compatible with the larger collet bullet puller designed to work in presses with 1"-14 threads.

Fits: RCBS 7/8"-14 thread Collet Bullet Puller
Notes: Designed to pull jacketed bullets only


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