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Pro-Shot Spear Tipped Cleaning Jag .357-.38 Cal / 9mm # J38B New!



Spear Tipped Cleaning Jag
 .357-.38 Cal / 9mm 8 x 32 Thread Brass



The Pro-Shot Spear Tipped Cleaning Jag keeps
 the patch in place when cleaning.
 A jag draped with a patch completely covers the
bore for a superior cleaning job.
For the perfect fit, use Pro-Shot 100% cotton
flannel cleaning patches.

Gun Type   Cal / Gauge   Thread Type   Thread   Male / Female
Rfl. / Pstl.   17 to 20 Cal   Commercial   5 x 40   Male
Rfl. / Pstl.   22 to 50 Cal   Commercial   8 x 32   Male
Shtgn.   All   Commercial   5/16 x 27   Male


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