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Lyman Case Prep Xpress 115 Volt NEW!!! # 7810220 New!

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SKU: 7810220

Brand: Lyman

Type: Case Prep Xpress

Ammunition Type: ANY

Gauge/Caliber: ANY

Capacity: N/A

Model: 7810220

Country of Manufacture: United States

MPN: 7810220

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Press Type: N/A

Case Prep Xpress

 115 Volt Only


Case Prep Xpress

The Lyman Case Prep Xpress Case Prep Center is the 
only "All-Inclusive" system on the market, providing all of the
 necessary accessories from the beginning. 

The five gear driven heads on the unit are driven by a high torque 
motor so all the reloader has to do is hold the brass at the 
appropriate location until they are satisfied the task is complete. 

Case Prep Xpress comes with all the necessary accessories for 
completing any case preparation step needed except trimming. 

System includes handy storage areas for accessories, a 
removable brass shavings dump pan and a
 handy clean-up brush.


  • VLD Chamfering Tool
  • Outside Deburring Tool
  • Small and Large Primer Pocket Uniformer
  • Small and Large Primer Pocket Reamer
  • Small and Large Primer Pocket Cleaner
  • 25, 30, 38 and 45 caliber Case Neck Brushes
  • Case Neck Lube (Mica)
  • Removable Brass Shaving Dump Pan
  • Clean-up Brush


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