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Lyman 2 Die Rifle Set for 270 Winchester Seating and Sizing Dies NEW!! # 7452289

SKU: 7452289

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Caliber: 270 Winchester

Type: 2 Die Set

MPN: 7452289

Ammunition Type: Rifle

Brand: Lyman

Gauge/Caliber: .270 Winchester

Lyman Rifle 2 Die Set 
For: 270 Winchester 


NEW FOR 2020!

Set consists of a full length resizing die with decapping stem 
and neck expanding button and a bullet seating die. 

These die sets are the reloader's best choice for loading 
jacketed bullets in bottlenecked rifle cases. 

For those who load cast bullets, we suggest the addition of 
a neck expanding die, available separately. 

The Lyman Rifle 2 Die Sets includes a seating stem for pointed bullets. 

Threads: 7/8"-14

Dies Included:
Full Length Sizing

Shell Holder Included


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