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Lyman 1000 XP Electronic Powder Scale 1000 Grain Capacity 110 Volt # 7750750

SKU: 7750750-DISC

Lyman 1000 XP Electronic Powder Scale

1000 Grain Capacity

110 Volt



The Lyman 1000 XP features a compact, user-friendly design

that is perfect for taking along to the range or sitting on a

reloading bench.

Scale is accurate to 1/10 grain and features a 1000 grain capacity

with a lid that folds flat or is even completely removable for


Capacity: 1000 Grains

Voltage: 110 Volts

Accuracy: 1/10 grain

Units: Grains

Accessories: AC adapter, powder pan check weight


Powered by one 9 volt battery (not included) or AC adapter

  Lyman 1000 XP Powder Scale Instructions:


1. Select a location for the 1000 XP that is level and stable. It is
recommended that the scale be located away from a loading
bench equipped with a reloading press. Most benches are not
heavy enough to prevent vibrations being transferred to the
scale. The scale should also be positioned away from any source
of drafts, air currents, or temperature changes. The 1000 XP is
sensitive enough to be affected by these conditions.

2. The 1000 XP runs on a 9-volt battery, or an AC power adapter.
The battery is installed in the compartment on the underside of
the scale. There is an outlet for the optional power adapter on
the rear left-hand side of the scale.

3. The scale is equipped with a clear plastic dust cover. The cover
can be hinged back or removed if desired. A latch at the front of
the scale locks the dust cover down. To remove the dust cover,
slide the button at the rear of the scale to the right. Unlatch the
dust cover and tilt it back. Tip the cover slightly to the right and
out of its left-hand groove first, then and lift the cover from the
slot on the right-hand side. To reinstall the cover, reverse the
above procedure. It is recommended that the cover be in place
when the scale is not in use to protect the platform and load cell.

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