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Lyman 1 Cavity Bullet Mould 45-70 Gov/45 Gr. with Lee Handles 2640125+90005 New!

SKU: 2640125+90005



Grain: 500 gr

Top Punch : 374 (NOT included)

Top Punch Part #: 2786719

This is the original standard 500 grain 45-70 Government bullet. 
This has been in the mould line for nearly 100 years.

Lyman bullet moulds are the standard by which all other moulds are judged, regardless of price. Our standard offering of proven, popular designs are the widest available. 

Bullet weight listed are nominal and may well vary from bullets dropped from a given mould. Variations between listed nominal weights and actual as-cast weights have absolutely no effect on accuracy. 
The bullet illustrations are artist renderings. They are for general reference only and are not intended to be precise representation. 

Hardwood Handles are included WITH this combo package!

For 1 or 2-Cavity molds please order  product # 230981354582

Very accurate and positive feeding.

Also Included:

Commercial Mold Handles


Lee Commercial Bullet Mold Handles for 6-Cavity Bullet  
Molds are necessary for using Lee 6-Cavity molds which do 
not ship with handles.
These handles also fit the Lee 18 Cavity Buckshot molds.
This handle has a steel frame and hardwood grips which are
designed to last a lifetime.
Material: Hardened Steel frame, Hardwood gripped
Fits: Lee 6-Cavity and 12-Cavity Bullet Molds
 These handles will fit one and two cavity
molds from Lyman and other manufacturers


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