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LEE Value Case Trimmer 90386 + Quick Trim Die 90439 Combo 204 Ruger New!

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SKU: 90386-DISC+90439

Value Case Trimmer 90386 +
 Quick Trim Die 90439 Combo 204 Ruger 

90386 + 90439

Lee Precision has been producing some of the highest 
quality reloading equipment for over 50 years. The Lee Value 
Trim Case Trimmer is the next step in the evolution of 
quick and accurate case trimming. 

The Value Trim Case Trimmer quickly and precisely
 trims brass to the correct length while. 

The great thing about this trimmer is all a reloader has 
to do to trim brass to the correct length is to install the quick
 trim die , install the trimmer and start trimming brass.

 The trimmer has a click adjustable stop that allows trim length adjustment 
in .001" increments and the reloader can shorten cases to a uniform length. 

Includes a snap on chip catcher, a deluxe cutter can be added on 
later if the reloader wants to chamfer cases at the same time they are 
being trimmed (sold separately

Base Length:
 Not Applicable, Trimmer mounts in a Quick Trim Die which 
mounts to any reloading press that utilizes standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies. 

Material: Hardened Steel and Plastic 
Collets Used: No, system is press mounted 
Pilots Used: No

Click Adjustable Stop that allows trim length adjustments of .001".
 Ability to trim shorter than standard lenghs to reduce trimming frequency.
Chip Catcher

The value trim does Not Chamfer OR Deburr the case neck,
 it only trims to the desired length.
 Lee Precision does offer a replacement cutter that will chamfer
 and deburr case mouths while trimming them that will work in this unit, 
The Lee Value Trim Deluxe Cutter Assembly (Not Included).


90439 Quick Trim Die
For: 204 Ruger
Each die is made to hold brass cases securely while the 
Trimmer is turned ensuring that the case mouths are cut square.
 Each die is threaded 7/8"-14 to work in all reloader presses that 
accept standard reloading dies.
 Quick Trim Die Bodies are made for the most popular cals 
on the market.

Requires either 
the Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer
or the Lee Value Trim Case Trimmer (INCLUDED).
Dies Included: Quick Trim Die 
Die Size: Standard 7/8"-14 Threaded Die 
Shellholder Required: Yes
Shellholder Included: No 
Accessories Included: Plastic Die Box 
Handgun calibers do not come with a die locking ring as it is only
 needed for the rifle dies.

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