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Lee Precision Pro 1000/ Load-Master Press Feeder Kit 40 to 44 Cal. # 90897 New!

SKU: 90897

Lee 1000 / Load-Master Progressive Press
Feeder Kit 40 to 44 Cal
 from .65" to 8" Long

Automatically feeds bullets into the mouth of the seating die.
 Aligns bullets more accurately than possible by hand.
 Increases the cyclic rate by 50 to 100%.
 Designed to fit the
Pro 1000 and Load-Master Presses only.

Fits: Lee Pro 1000, Load-Master Progressive Press
Function: Bullet Feed Kit
Material: Plastic, Hardened Metal
Kit Includes:
 Feeder tube, Stand, Hardware, Feed die and fingers for listed

 Kit is complete for one bullet diameter and range of length.
 Converting to a different cal  and length will require different
feed die and fingers.

 New seater die (shorter) required to seat bullets (not included).
  Pre-1992 presses require a new shellplate carrier
(Available only from Lee Precision).


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