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Lee Precision Collet Neck Sizer Die ONLY for 7mm exp/280 Remington NEW!!! #91013

SKU: 91013

 Collet Neck Sizer Die 
7mm exp/280 Remington

91013 New!

This die sizes only the neck 
to preserve the perfect fit of 
 fire forming of the case to your chamber.

+  Increased Accuracy ! +

 A collet squeezes the case neck against a precision mandrel 
 for a perfect bullet fit with minimum run out.

 No case lube is needed!
Cases last about 10 times longer. 

 This die is to reload cases 
that have been fired at least once, in your firearm.

 Not recommended for auto loaders, 
slide or lever-action

Material: Hardened Steel

Die Type: 
Collet Neck  Sizer Die 
(with decapping unit)

Accessories: Plastic Storage Case

Collet neck sizer uses a collet to squeeze the case neck
against a mandrel, creating a precisely aligned case
neck while reducing run out.



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