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Lee Pacesetter 3 Die Set 7.62 x 54mm Rimmed Russian (7.62 x 53mm Rimmed) #90731

SKU: 90731

Pacesetter 3-Die Set
7.62 x 54mm Rimmed Russian
 (7.62 x 53mm Rimmed)



Each Lee Pacesetter 3-Die Set includes the exclusive Lee
 Factory Crimp Die, Full Length Sizer Die and Bullet Seater Die.
Each set is made from steel and includes the appropriate
 Shellholder, Powder Measure, load data, plastic storage
box and a two year warranty.

Adjustable crimp from slight taper to full roll.
Includes 308 diameter expander button, 311 diameter
 expander button available from Lee.

Note from the Manufacturer:

Lee Precision includes the expander appropriate for
 a .308 diameter bullet.
 Nearly everyone that reloads the 7.62x54 /7.62x53
 uses the .308 diameter bullet.

 The availability and selection of .308 bullets are far
greater than .311.
 In military issue ammo they used a .309 to .311 diameter

The smaller expander is included as standard issue as
 it is usable for .308 as well as .310 diameter bullets if
 the larger expander was installed it would not be usable
 with smaller .308 diameter bullets.

The limited amount of load data that is available usually
 is worked up using .308 diameter bullets.



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