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LEE Pacesetter 3 Die Set 300 AAC BLACKOUT 90575 with 3 Decapping Pins SE3009 NEW

SKU: 90575+SE3009(3)

Pacesetter 3 Die Set

Lee Limited Production Pacesetter Die Sets are built to last
lifetime and are great at producing factory like ammunition.
Each 3-Die set comes shipped with a Full-Length Sizer die,
Bullet Seating Die and Crimp Die.

 Also included is the appropriate shell holder, load data sheet
 and powder dipper.
These dies are typically produced in small runs throughout
the year.

Included in this set is the Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet
 Seating Die which precisely seats the bullet to the desired
 length on an extremely consistent basis.

The Factory Crimp Die crimps the bullet more firmly in
 place than any other die with more uniform pressure.
The Factory Crimp Die features a collet that squeezes the
 case mouth into the crimping groove for a firm hold.

 It is nearly impossible to buckle the case when crimping
when compared to a regular roll crimp die.
Lee's testing has shown that using a Factory Crimp Die
provides a more uniform pressure curve, increasing the
accuracy of any bullet.

Dies Included:
Full Length Sizing Die, Bullet Sizing Die, Factory Crimp Die
Material: Hardened Steel
Die Size: 7.8 - 14 Threads
Shellholder Required: Yes
Shellholder Included: Yes
Accessories Included:
Powder Dipper,  Load Data,  Plastic Storage Box




300 AAC Blackout


~ Package of 3 ~

The Lee EZ X Expander-Decapping Rod

is a great replacement item to have on  hand

for your Lee dies.  You never know when a

decapping rod will bend or break.

These EZ X rods will have your Lee

Full Length Sizing dies running like new

in no time. Replacement for the 300 AAC

Blackout die set 90575.


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