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Lee MODERN RELOADING 2nd edition 2021 by Richard Lee #90277 new!

SKU: 90277

MODERN RELOADING Second Edition 2021

by Richard Lee

The Second Edition of MODERN RELOADING is a summary of a lifetime of experience.

No matter how knowledgeable you are, you will find new and interesting information in this book.

It's a reference book you will keep forever.

Contains introduction to reloading and the most up to date 21st Century information on reloading cartridges for rifles, handguns and shotguns,

selection of reloading tools and presses, choosing between the various types of dies, step by step instructions, loading for best accuracy in your rifle,

priming, selection of best powder for your cartridge, measuring gunpowder, safe handling of powder, crimping, bullet seating, cartridge trimming,

case sizing, measuring pressure, testing ammunition, matching bullet metal to chamber pressure, Brinell hardness testing, testing your bullet, burning rate

charts, setting up for bullet casting, designing your own bullet, bullet lubricating and sizing, casting bullets for muzzleloaders,

lubricating black powder bullets and much more.

OVER 26,000 LOADS in a new format, with velocities for starting loads. This the best kind of load data--it is supplied by the powder companies.


NEW, EASY WAY to precisely measure both strength and hardness of cast bullets.

EXCLUSIVE PRESSURE AND VELOCITY factors enable you to accurately calculate pressure and velocity for reduced loads. An absolute necessity for cast bullet shooting.

A NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED in depth analyses of current load data. It gives you an insight into the effects of reducing or increasing a charge.

EASY TO USE cast bullet strength chart shows maximum chamber pressures for cast bullets.

HUNDREDS OF CAST BULLET LOADS many useful charts and important rules about priming.

"I am keeping my copy at work to use as a reference, as it is probably the best format for finding a load that one can imagine"
Robert E. Hodgdon
President Hodgdon Powder Company

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