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Lee COMBO 18-Cavity Bullet Mold 00 Buckshot + Mold Handles! NEW! 90486+90005

SKU: 90486+90005
COMBO 90486 + 90005
18-Cavity Bullet Mold
(330 Diameter)
00 Buckshot



The Lee 18-Cavity Buckshot Mold is a great choice for
reloaders looking for a quality mold at an affordable price.

 Now you can produce 00 Buckshots for less
than the
cost of a standard trap load.

 The mold blocks are machined from aluminum,
so they are rust resistant.
The aluminum molds heat up and cool down faster than iron or
steel molds, and they are one-third the weight of iron or steel
 mold blocks.

A lighter weight mold means you will have less fatigue during
extended casting sessions.

 To ensure the best possible bullets, mold block halves are CNC
machined for unmatched roundness and size control.

Weights given are Lee's weights with suggested alloy; actual
weight may vary due to the alloy mixture used.

Material: Aluminum mold blocks
Cavities: 18

Features: Lee 00 Buckshot can be
loaded with a variety of different loadings.
 Please consult a loading manual before working up loads.

Notes: Weights and sizes given are Lee's weights and sizes with
 suggested alloy; actual weight and size may vary due to
alloy mixture used.
Commercial Mold Handles 

Lee Commercial Bullet Mold Handles are
necessary when using 18-Cavity Buckshot molds
which do
not ship with handles. 

 This handle has a steel
frame and hardwood grips which are
designed to last a lifetime.

Material: Hardened Steel frame, Hardwood gripped
Fits: Lee 6-Cavity, 12-Cavity & 18-Cavity Bullet Molds

Lee states that these handles will fit some one and two cavity
molds from other manufacturer, but there are no specific
manufacturers or mold blocks mentioned.


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