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Lee Case Length Gage and Shellholder 257 Roberts # 90123 New!

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Case Length Gage and Shellholder
257 Roberts


The Lee Case Length Gage is a precise and easy way to trim brass
  cases to length and square the case mouth.
 Requires a Lee Cutter and Lock Stud to function.

The first step to successfully trimming brass cases with the Lee
Case Length Gage and Shellholder is to take the Lee Lock Stud
 (sold separately) and screw it into the shell holder.
Next the Length Gage needs to be screwed into the Case Trimmer
Cutter (sold separately).

The length gage is set to cut each case within SAAMI specifications.
After the tools are screwed together the next step is case trimming.
Just put the empty brass into the shellholder, insert the case length
 gauge into the empty piece of brass and turn the cutter until the piece
 of brass is trimmed to the predetermined length.

It is that easy to get consistent case lengths and square case mouths
helping to keep reloaded ammunition as accurate as possible.

Material: Hardened Steel
Features: Caliber specific Shellholder and length gauge
Notes: Cutter and Lock Stud (
Sold Separately
Special Note:
The Large Cutter and Lock Stud
 required for .475 and larger calipers (Sold Separately).


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