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LEE 7.62 Nagant Steel 3 DIE SET with Powder Thru Expanding die New! # 90921

SKU: 90921

Steel 3-Die Set

7.62 Russian Nagant (7.62x38mmR)

 (Forming from 32-20 Brass)



Lee Precision has been producing some of the highest

quality reloading equipment for over 50 years.

Their Deluxe 3-Die Sets for rifle cartridges are no different.

They are made to tight tolerances to help reloaders make

consistent and accurate ammunition.

These die sets are perfect for both beginning and seasoned reloaders.

Each die is made of steel and the set comes with:

a Full Length Sizing die

Powder Through Expanding die

and Bullet Seating die.

Reloaders use the full length sizing die to produce ammunition

to factory-new specifications using new brass or brass cases

that were fired in other guns.

Full length sizing dies are also great for the reloader who wants

to ensure each round loaded will chamber in their rifle with ease.

This set also includes a bullet seating die, shellholder, powder dipper,

storage box and no load data.

* Cases must be lubed prior to full length sizing.

Die Size: Standard 7/8"-14 threads
Shellholder Required: Yes
Shellholder Included: Yes


The Lee Nagant die set has the sizer die marked

7.62 Nangant and the other two dies are marked 32-20.

* This die does not come with load data or

any other cartridge information.

For best results you need to slug your Nagant barrel

to determine the bullet diameter needed. .311-.314

diameter bullets work best.

Starline 32-20 brass is likely to work without any alteration.

Other brand 32-20 brass will require rim thinning or

modification of the recoil plate.

This die set is intended to make shootable ammo.


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