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L.E. Wilson Stainless Steel Bushing Neck Sizer Die for 300 AAC NEW! # SND-3AAC

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LE Wilson Stainless Steel Neck Sizer Die with Interchangeable Bushings
For: 300 AAC Blackout


L.E. Wilson has been making precision reloading tools for over 80 years. 

The L.E. Wilson Bushing Neck Sizer Die is the perfect die for the reloader looking to 
squeeze every ounce of accuracy out of their handloads. 

These dies are available in corrosion resistant, long wearing 
Stainless Steel in most popular calibers. 

Like the standard Bushing Neck Sizer Dies, they feature interchangeable 
bushings to size the outside of the case neck to 3/16" from the case mouth. 

This allows for total control as to the amount of 
neck sizing each case receives. 

Simply change the bushing to increase or decrease 
the neck-tension on the bullet. 

Bushing sold separately.

 These are a hand-die design meaning that reloaders must use an arbor press or a 
mallet to size each case these dies will not work on a conventional press using threaded dies. 

It is recommended that these dies be used with the 
Neck Die Decapping Base (sold separately).


  • This neck die uses an interchangeable sizing bushing (Sold Separately) that sizes the outside of the case neck
  • This die will accept Redding or Wilson Neck Size Bushings Die is used with either an arbor press or small mallet
  • Die sizes the neck 3/16" from the mouth of the case
  • PLEASE NOTE: This die does not have an expander ball
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