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L.E. Wilson Micrometer Case Trimmer and Holder Stainless Steel 50 BMG CTS-50MICU


Micrometer Case Trimmer with Holder
Stainless Steel
50 BMG


  • Micrometer adjustable head fines tunes trim length in .001" increments
  • Larger stop screw adjustment
  • Polished Nickel Handle
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Case trimmer supports the case body with a cartridge specific case holder which simulates the chamber of the firearm


The L.E. Wilson Stainless Steel Case Trimmer with micrometer is unique in that it supports the case body through the trimming operation using holders which simulate a rifle chamber.

Cases are consistently trimmed square and to the desired length.

The trimmer will perform inside neck and primer pocket reaming with optional attachments.

Trimmer should be mounted in a vise for use.

Additional features include a positive stop to trim cases to a uniform length and solid construction from Aluminum alloy and steel.

This new model comes with micrometer adjustable head to fine tune case trim length in .001" increments.

It also features a larger stop screw adjustment from the original case trimmer making for a firmer stop and it ships with a polished nickel handle.


All L.E. Wilson trimmers are now made with a rake-tooth cutter. This cutter has the advantage over a straight-tooth cutter of cutting faster and with less pressure required and will be found superior for all purposes within reason. The cutter has been designed expressly for the job it has to do, which is to face off amounts from zero to about 1/32". If desired to face off larger amounts it may be necessary to adjust the stop screw so that the material will be removed in more than one operation. By doing the job in steps the cutter is allowed to contact the stop often enough to steady the cut and prevent "grabbing".

Technical Information:
Material: Stainless Steel
Collets Used: No
Collets Included: No
Pilots Used: No
Pilots Included: No
Notes: Place the case in the Trimmer Case Holder (Not Included), tap the case head on a firm surface, and place in the trimmer. Remove the case by tapping the case mouth. Cartridges with minimal body taper may require different Trimmer Case Holders for fired and new cases. Q-Type Trimmer Case Holders hold the handgun case with an easy to use cross pin and cannot be used with the Case Holder Clamp.

We are unable to accept returns on used, fitted, or altered parts. 
Returns must be in new, unused condition and in their original packaging.