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Hornady Steel Micro-Adjusting Micrometer Gunsmith Seating Stem BRAND NEW 044090

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SKU: 044090
Microjust Seating Stem

Fits: Any standard 7/8-14 threaded Hornady New Dimension Seating Die 
Function: Turn a regular seating die into a micrometer seating die 
Material: Steel 

  • Will not work in oversized dies or other manufacturers dies
  • Will not work with Custom Grade New Dimension Taper Crimp Seating Dies
  • To install, remove standard seating stem and screw the Microjust Seating Stem on and you are ready to go
  •    Add the MicroJust to a Custom Grade Hornady seating die, and you can precisely set bullet seating depth in .001” increments. It’s aquick and easy way to achieve benchrest accuracy and consistency without the extra cost of another seating die. Hornady die sets already include an in-line seater; simply replace the standard seating adjustment stem with the MicroJust seating stem.

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