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Hornady Match Grade Neck Size Die 6mm PPC New! # 544253

SKU: 544253
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Match Grade Neck Sizer Die
For: 6mm PPC


Neck sizing with this die can eliminate problems of excessive head space, 
and align the bullet perfectly with the bore, resulting in better 
accuracy and longer case life. 

Should only be used for bolt-action rifle cases. 

Auto-loading, lever and pump action rifles usually require 
full-length resizing.

Before using your new die, it must be thoroughly cleaned. 

A rust preventative is applied at the factory and must be removed
 before using the die. 

We recommend Hornady One Shot Cleaner and Dry lube or any 
commercial solvent will suffice.

A rust preventative is applied at the factory and must be removed
 before using the die. 

Always lubricate case necks inside and out before attempting to resize.

Remove the expander/Decap Assembly from the die. 

To adjust your die, place a case in the shell holder, and raise the 
ram to full extension. 

Thread the die in quarter-turn increments, each time lowering 
the ram and inspecting the case neck. 

Continue to lower the die until the entire neck has been sized. 

(Note: Do NOT lower the die too far; excessive pressure will 
cause the case to buckle making it unusable.) 

When the die is adjusted, lock the lock ring against the press and 
tighten the set screw. 

Lower the ram and remove the case. 

Raise the ram to full extension and place the Expander/Decap Assembly 
back in the die, and lower the spindle until the decap pin
 just sticks approximately 1/32” into the hole in the shell holder. 

Tighten the Zip Spindle into place and give it a turn to make sure
 the threads are engaged before tightening the spindle lock.

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