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Hornady Lock-N-Load Press and Die Conversion Bushing Kit NEW! # 044099

SKU: 044099
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Lock-N-Load Press Die Bushing Conversion Kit 


The Hornady Lock-N-Load Press and Die Conversion Bushing Kit is 
a great accessory for your reloading press. 

Simply insert the Lock-N-Load conversion bushing into a standard press with a 1-1/4" -12 thread and 
you are ready to use the Lock-N-Load System. 

Allows you to use the Lock-N-Load technology on most brands of presses.

Conversion Bushing Fits any press with 1-1/4"-12 threads

Allows use of Hornady Lock-N-Load die bushings with other manufacturers' presses

Contains one conversion bushing and three die bushings. 
To use screw reloading dies into the bushing, the bushing is then inserted into the conversion bushing that is on the press. 
The dies are then adjusted for correct depth and the die lock rings are locked


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