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Hornady Lock N Load Headspace Gauge KIT HK66 with 5 Bushings and Comparator Base

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Hornady Lock N Load Headspace Gauge Kit HK66
Comparator Base and Five Bushings.

 Bushings for .330, .350,
  .375, .400, and .420

Product Information

Hornady Lock-N-Load Headspace Gauge HK66 is an excellent way to compare your handloaded casings with their fire-formed brass counterparts. 

A great reloading tool for extending the life of your brass, the Headspace Gauge measures variations in your casing before and after firing, allowing you to adjust for the deformations that can occur under the extreme heat and pressure of a rifle discharge. 

This valuable piece of Hornady reloading equipment attaches to a pair of calipers using a thumbscrew and allows you to check most bottleneck casings.

Hornady has included five bushings in the Hornady LNL Headspace Gauge, ranging from .330 to .420, so you can accurately assess all sorts of casings. 

To improve your casings' longevity, safety, and accuracy, compare and assess them using the Hornady Lock-N-Load Head Space Gauge.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Headspace Gauge With Five Bushings

Features of Hornady LNL Casing Headspace Measure:

  • Compare brass before and after firing or re-sizing
  • Attaches to calipers with thumbscrew
  • Includes five bushings for different calibers
  • Checks most bottleneck cases
  • Can be used with 17 caliber bottleneck cases through and including large belted magnums. 
Package Contents:
  • Hornady Lock-N-Load Headspace Gauge Kit HK66
  • Comparatory Base
  • Calibers:  Bushings for .330, .350, .375, .400, and .420


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