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Hogue Low Profile Grip Screw Bushings For Beretta/Taurus Black, Pack of FOUR New

SKU: 92069

Hogue Low Profile Grip Screw Bushings
For Beretta/Taurus-Black-

# 92069

Hogue grip screw bushings have been redesigned and improved and are now Hogue Extreme Grip Screw Bushings. 

Hogue Extreme grip screw bushings are made from heat treated 416 Stainless Steel which is 
much tougher and resistant to damage than conventional bushings.

These bushings are made for the Taurus PT series and Beretta 92/96 series pistols and allow
 you to use Hogue Beretta/Taurus grip screws on current models.

Hogue Beretta/Taurus Grip Screw Bushings Features
- 416 Stainless steel construction
- Allows use of Hogue grip screws on current models

- Tougher and stronger than conventional bushings


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