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Ghost Inc Super Duty Firing Spring, 6.5 LB for Glocks Gen 1-5 3 PK! # GHO_6_5_FP

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6.5 LB Super Duty Extreme Firing Pin for Glocks Gen 1-5, 3 PACK

3 PACK!!!!!

This is a 6.5 lb. Super Duty Extreme Firing Pin Spring

FOR GEN 1-5. This spring is manufactured by Ghost Inc. This Super Power Striker/Firing pin springs are a must for all 45 ACP & 10mm GLOCKS.

 These bigger guns use 9% heavier firing pins but come with the lighter weaker 9mm firing pin springs which will eventually cause light primer strikes. 

These springs are also highly recommended for all other GLOCK models to insure the strongest primer strikes insuring that your pistol fires under the most extreme conditions.

You will feel about 1/2 pound heavier difference in your trigger pull weight. This spring is manufactured by Ghost Inc.

This spring can be used along all of our manufactured connectors.


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