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Ghost Inc Plus 6 MOAB for Glocks - ORANGE NEW! # GHO_GL_PLUS_OR

Ghost Inc.


Plus 6 MOAB ( Mother of All Baseplates) for Glocks ORANGE 



Adds 6 Rounds to 9mm and 5 rounds to .40acp 7 .357 Glock's Magazines! 

Works on 19X, 17, 17L, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, 37 & 45

Stainless steel extra power magazine spring included

Rounded ergo design

Positive mag seating

Extraction Traction Points

Debris extraction ports

Superior tough construction

No more painful corner spikes in your palm

Ghost unconditional lifetime warranty! 

Installation Instructions:

The Ghost MOAB magazine extension for Glock factory 17 9mm/15 .40 S&W round magazines consists
 of 4 items 3 of which make up the magazine extension assembly; 

The Sleeve-the rectangular piece that you may look through-Assembly

The MOAB Spring-the coil stainless steel spring that powers the extension-Assembly

The MOAB Base-the MOAB that inserts into the sleeve-Assembly

The Disassembly Tool-if ever needed to disassemble the assembly.
Prior to installation of Ghost MOAB magazine extension, 
you must remove the (1) existing magazine baseplate 
(2) magazine baseplate insert, 
(3) the magazine spring and 
(4) remove the follower from the spring, you will reuse only (4) the follower. 

Place the unused parts in suitable storage container 
and label them for possible future use-Caution the contents are under the pressure of 
the magazine spring, eye protection must be worn when manipulating springs. 

We are unable to accept returns on used, fitted, or altered parts. 
Returns must be in new, unused condition and in their original packaging.