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Ghost Inc Marine 3.5 LB Drop in Trigger Connector for Gen 1-5 NEW!

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Ghost Inc.

Marine 3.5 LB Drop in Trigger Connector
For: Gen 1-5

No modification needed. This is a highly Polished 3.5 angled connector that will feel smoother and lighter then your stock trigger feel. Cleaner break with nicer reset. Self-cleaning channel.

This connector would compare to an Ultimate 3.5 with a slightly higher polish.


This 3.5 LB Trigger connector is humble homage to US MARINES past and present. To friends and family who are Marines, this is a piece of American Cold Steel that will transform your Austrian Pistol into a loyal straight shooting MARINE.

Semper Fidelis distinguishes the Marine Corps bond from any other. It goes beyond teamwork it is a brotherhood that can always be counted on. Latin for "always faithful," Semper Fidelis became the Marine Corps motto in 1883. It guides Marines to remain faithful to the mission at hand, to each other, to the Corps and to country, no matter what. Becoming a Marine is a transformation that cannot be undone, and Semper Fidelis is a permanent reminder of that.

Every Marine is a rifleman, trained first as a disciplined warrior regardless of military occupational specialty. Know your pistol as your rifle, make it your own and defend whats yours and ours!


Leading up to the American Revolution, a committee of the Continental Congress met to draft a resolution calling for two battalions of Marines able to fight for independence at sea and on shore. The resolution was approved on November 10, 1775, officially forming the Continental Marines.

From the halls of Montezuma to shores of Tripoli

Semper Fidelis


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