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Forster Bench Rest Full Length Sizer Die for 223 Remington NEW! # 005181

SKU: 005181
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Bench Rest Full Length Sizing Die
For: 223 Remington


The Forster Bench Rest Full Length Sizer Die offers maximum flexibility. 

It will return brass to factory new specifications. 

But, if you're loading for the same firearm, the full length sizing die 
may be "backed off' to partially resize and retain the fire formed dimensions of the case.

All Forster Sizer Dies are equipped with the exclusive E-Z Out Expander. 

The floating E-Z Out Expander corrects misalignment of the center
 spindle assembly and prevents the case neck from pulling off-center 
during the expanding procedure.

 Shellholder sold separately.


  • If using Forster Dies in a Forster Co-Ax press shellholders are not required since Forster presses do not require a shellholder.
  • If using Forster Dies in any non-Forster press use shellholders that are recommended by the press manufacturer of the press being used.
  • Elevated expander button allows better alignment of case and neck.

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