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Carlson's Snap Caps-20 Gauge Brass/Wool Shotgun Snap Caps NEW!!! 2 Pack #00109

SKU: 00109

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Carlson's Snap Caps-20 Gauge Brass/Wool 
Shotgun Snap Caps-
2 Pack


Carlson's 20 Gauge Brass/Wool Shotgun Snap Caps have a
 spring-loaded primer plunger which prevents firing pin damage 
during dry-firing exercises. 

Treat the wool chamber mop with your favorite gun oil to prevent 
rusty chambers during storage.

 Leaving guns cocked during storage is hard on springs and is dangerous. 

These will help keep your firearm in good condition.

Carlson’s 20 Gauge Brass/Wool Shotgun Snap Caps Features
- Totally safe
- Tough brass construction
- Ideal for training or storage
- Dry fire multiple times without damage
- Great for teaching, testing, or storage
- Treat wool with gun oil to prevent rusty chambers during storage


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