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Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Push Button Sling, WOLF GRAY # VCAS-PB-125-AA-WF

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Vickers Combat Applications Push Button Sling, Acetal Adjustment, 1.25"


Prompted by a flood of requests and the growing popularity of 
push button sockets on premium rifles, Blue Force Gear reintroduced 
the Vickers Push Button Slings. 

The Vickers Push Button Sling combines premium American-made 
push button swivels with the world class Vickers Sling to make 
the finest combat weapon sling on the planet. 

The Vickers Push Button Sling starts with Vickers Combat Applications Slings
 trusted by over 200,000 Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen 
 the tactical sling can instantly lengthen or shorten by the 
patented Quick Adjuster.  

This allows the user to have the weapon secure in a hands free 
carry and quickly lengthen the sling into a shooting position with no
 moving parts, clips, springs, or other awkward parts. 

A 1” push button “QD” swivel is sewn to the front of the sling and 
another 1.25" push button "QD" swivel is “captive” at the rear.  

This creates a simple, streamlined, lightweight sling that can mount to
 any weapon with quick release sockets. 

The push button swivels are not removable preventing them from being
 lost or the sling misconfigured.    


  • (2) push button sling swivels
  • Contrasting pull tab
  • 1.25" sling webbing
  • Invista solution dyed webbing
  • Glass reinforced DuPont Zytel Nylon hardware
Weapons with two Push Button Sling Swivel sockets at the front and rear of the weapon

Two Push Button at the Front and Rear

1.25" Sling Webbing

Hardware Build:
Glass Reinforced DuPont Zytel Nylon Hardware

Sling Build:
Invista solution Dyed CORDURA Webbing

Overall sling length is adjustment from 36" to 62"


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