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Ade Advanced Optics Delta Red Dot Micro Mini Reflex Sight For Handgun # RD3-012

SKU: RD3-012

Ade Advanced Optics 

Delta Red Dot Micro Mini Reflex Sight For Handgun - 6MOA

Glock Beretta HK UPS SW MP SIG P226 Springfield Ruger LC9 LC9s LC380 SR9 SR22 SR40 SR45


    The 2019 Delta Red dot sight-6 MOA promotes rapid target acquisition while providing a precise point of aim: 
    getting shots down range and on target fast.

     The aluminum housing ensures this unit will stand up to whatever you throw at it. 

    Top load system, no need to remove the sight to change the battery. 

    Can also be used with a long range rifle scope for that perfect backup system. 

    The lowest setting is invisible by human eye that is for using with a night vision. 

    The red dot is compatible with Ade handgun mounts for Glock Beretta HK UPS SW MP SIG P226 
    Springfield Ruger LC9 LC9s LC380 SR9 SR22 SR40 SR45

    Red dot has multi brightness level with one adjustment button. 

    Every time you turn on the dot it stays the same brightness level last time it was turned off

    1.75" length x1.25" width x1.15" height. 

    Shockproof, Fogproof and waterproof for 30 minutes under 4ft water.

    6 MOA dot. 

    Come with Protected Cover, Adjustment wrench, Adjustment Dailing plate, 
    User Manual and Picatinny mounting plate. 

    Additional mounting plates for hunguns sells separately.

     ADE RD3-006, RD3-009, RD3-012, RD3-013 do NOT fit Springfield HELLCAT OSP, 
    because Springfield Hellcat OSP red dot footprint is based on Shield RMS. 


    ADE sights have the footprint of Doctor/Vortex Venom type footprint. 

    ADE RD3-006, RD3-009, RD3-012 and RD3-013 fit directly to "Optics Ready" pistols such as Glock MOS, Springfield OSP (non-hellcat), Canik TP9 non-elite sc), Walter PPQ Q5 Match, FNX 45 Tactical, IWI Masada handguns that come with mounting plates that marked for DOCTOR/VORTEX VENOM type red dot. 

    All mentioned above pistols must to be OPTICS READY model that comes with MOUNTING PLATE marked for DOCTOR/VORTEX. 

    If not, user has to purchase aftermarket mounting plate (not included with this red dot sight purchase) to replace the rear sight. 

     When you first receive the red dot, 

    It has a picatinny mounting plate pre-assembled. 

    Please use Allen wrench provided to take out the 2 hex screws on the top behind the glass frame.

     It will disconnect the red dot from the picatinny mounting plate. 

    You will then be able to attach the red dot to a variety of handgun mounting plates that are sold separately.

     There are many popular handguns on the market, due to the size difference of the handguns, each mounting plate is slightly different in dimensions. 

    There are also many manufacturers making a variety of handgun plates that replace the rear sight, including ADE, Lakeline LLC, EGW, and Outer impact. 

    The screw comes with our red dot come with a pair of M3x6mm screws to connect to the pre-assembled picatinny mounting base. 

    Some mounting plates made by other companies for specific handgun might need a longer screw such as M3x8mm or shorter screw such as M3x4mm depends on the thickness of the mounting plate/adapter. 

    If you can’t get the screw to work properly, we recommend going to a local hardware store such as ACE Hardware to get the right size.


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