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90487 Lee Original Bulge Buster Kit Excellent Brass Reprocessor 90487 Brand New!

SKU: 90487

Bulge Buster Base Sizing Kit

380 Auto / 40 S&W / 45 ACP

10 mm. / 45 GAP / 45 WIN. MAG.



Lee Bulge Buster Kit and appropriate Lee Factory Crimp

assures your mixed brass is bulge free.

This push through die adapter will quickly remove the

annoying bulge rings that shell holder constrained dies

simply cant reach.

The Bulge Buster Kit includes:

Extension sleeve,

Push through punch,

Catch container


Complete instructions.

Works with these rimless cases:

380 ACP, 10mm, 40 S&W,

45 ACP, 45 GAP and 45 Win Mag.


9mm cases are not able to be used in the Bulge Buster

because it has a slightly tapered case and the rim

is not completely flush with the case.

Glock Cases:

We do not recommend "fixing" cases fired in

pistols with unsupported chambers, because there

is no way to make them safe once they have


The case wall is thinned where it bulges, and

resizing the outside of the case back down

to the correct diameter does not restore

the case back to its original thickness.

* If this case is fired in a pstl with an

unsupported chamber again and this

thinned section of brass happens to

line up with the unsupported part of

the chamber, there is a high probability

that the case will rupture.



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