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7862003 Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with Power Adapter and 9 Pilots 7862003

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SKU: 7862003


Universal Trimmer Power Pack

with Case Trimmer Kit / Power Adapter



Metallic cases stretch as a result of both
the firing process and the subsequent resizing process.

When your cases reach a certain dimension,
the original case length must be restored
through trimming

The Lyman Universal Case Trimmer features
the patented Lyman Universal Chuck Head
 which allows the reloader to quickly lock
and unlock a cartridge case
and handles any case
from .17 caliber to the 458 Winchester Magnum
without the need for costly collets.

Other features of the Lyman Universal Trimmer include
an adjustment ring that allows you to dial
in the approximate trimmer setting
for ease of repeatability,
fine and course length adjustments.


Fine and course case length adjustments,
power adapter included.

Uses the Lyman Universal Chuck Head to hold
 cases so no collets are required.

Collets Used: None
Collets Included: N/A
Pilots Used: Lyman

Pilots Included:

22, 24, 27, 28, 30, 9mm, 35, 44, 45A

Pilots Included:


For: .22 Hornet, .22/250, .220 Swift,

.222 Remington, .222 Remington Magnum,

.223 Remington, 5.6x50R Magnum.


For: .243 Winchester, .244, 6mm Remington.


for .270 Winchester.


For: 7mm/08 Remington, 7-30 Waters,

7mm Remington Magnum,

7mm Weatherby Magnum,

&mm STW, 7x57 Mauser, 7x64 Brenneke,

.280 Remington (7mm Express), 7mm TCU.


For: .30 Luger, .30 Mauser, 30M1 Carbine,

.30-30, .300 Savage, .307 Winchester,

.308 Winchester,

.30-06, .300 Winchester Magnum,

.300 Remington Ultra Magnum,

.300 Weatherby Magnum, 7.62x39.


For: .38 Super Auto, 9mm Luger,

9x23mm, .380 Auto.


For: .38 S&W, .38 Special, .357 Magnum,

.357 Remington Maximum, .35 Remington,

.356 Winchester, .358 Winchester, .35 Whelen.


For: .44 Magnum, .44 Special, .44 Russian,

.444 Marlin.


For: .45 ACP, .45 Winchester Magnum,

.45 Schofield, .45 Colt, .454 Casull.


Needs standard electric hand drill or

power screwdriver for operation.


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