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7832324 Lyman Case Length Headspace Gage 22-250 Rem # 7832324 New!

SKU: 7832324

Case Length Headspace Gage

22-250 Remington
22/250 Remington


The Lyman Case Length Head Space Gage is

perfect for reloaders looking  to achieve the highest

degree of safety and accuracy.

 Lyman recommends that all cases be
 inspected after resizing to ensure that
the proper head space dimension is maintained.

Simply insert the case into the gage
to check that it does not exceed the
maximum or fall below the minimum
 allowable head space.

 If the case exceed the maximum allowable
 case length the case mouth will exceed
the length
of the gage.
Material: Hardened Steel

Features: Quickly identifies cases that fall
 above or below allowable head space.

 Also checks for cases that exceed the maximum allowable case length.


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