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7680244 Lyman Deluxe 3-Die Set with Carbide Expander Button 308 WINCHESTER NEW!

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SKU: 7680244

Deluxe 3 Die Set

 with Carbide Expander Button

 .308 Winchester

7.62X51mm NATO ROUND



The Lyman Deluxe 3-Die Rifle Sets most unique feature

is a Carbide Sizing Button Assembly that is super hard and

slick, eliminating the need for inside the neck case lube and

  prevents case stretching resulting in reduced case trimming.

Another feature of the Lyman Carbide Sizing Button Assembly

is the button can be adjusted so the user can maximize the

  leverage available at different positions in the operation of the press lever. 

The Carbide Sizing Button is used in the loaders choice of a Full

  Length Sizing Die and a Neck Sizing Die included in the 3 Die

 Set along with a Bull*t Seating Die.

Material: Hardened Steel

Die Types Included: 

Full Length Sizing Die = This die sizes back to factory dimensions.

Neck Sizing Die = This die only sizes the neck of the case

leaving the case the exact size of the chamber it was fired in.

This also will not over work the brass and results in longer case life.

Bullet Seating Die (with roll crimp).

Accessories: Plastic Storage Case

Notes: Shellholder Not Included

By adding both a premium Carbide Expander Assembly and a Neck Sizing Die,Lyman has created two die sets in one. Neck sizing eliminates overworking the brass, extending case life.

Set includes:

Deluxe Carbide Expander Assembly, with a free floating carbide sizing button, which smooths neck expansion by moving the button up the decapping rod to better use the press' leverage. It eliminates the need for inside neck lube.

Neck Sizing Die, which allows the case to retain the precise chamber dimensions of the individual rifle while avoiding excessive working of the brass. Size only where/when needed with the Deluxe Rifle 3 Die Sets & Neck Expanding Die to tailor your reloads for the best accuracy and reliability.

Standard Full Length Sizing Die, for taking brass down to factory dimensions.
Standard Bullet Seating Die


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