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7680200 Lyman Carbide 4 Die Set for 38 Special, 357 Magnum # 7680200 New!

SKU: 7680200

Carbide 4-Die Set
38 Special
357 Magnum


Lyman Pistol Dies deliver round after round
of the high performance ammo serious shooters demand.

 Whether for bulls eye, action or cowboy shooting,
pistol  reloaders most often are looking to generate
volumes of  reloads which deliver consistent quality.

 That's why Lyman Pistol Dies are such a good choice
 and they fit virtually any reloading press, including
the popular progressives.

 Most importantly, when it comes to precision, smoothness
 and versatility, Lyman Pistol Dies are unsurpassed.

Lyman Carbide 4-Die Sets feature a separate taper crimp
 die and two-step neck expander M die.

The M die improves the accuracy of cast and jacketed bullets.
 Like standard expander button styles, the M die doesn't
stretch the case.

 Working in a two-step process, the first step expands
the inside of the case neck to just under the bullet diameter.
 The second step expands the case mouth to bullet
diameter or slightly over so that the bullet can be
 started perfectly centered.

 Shellholder sold separately.

 Carbide dies do not require the use of  case sizing lube.

Material: Hardened Steel

Die Types Included: Full Length Sizing Die

(with carbide sizing ring & one piece decapping unit)

Two Step Neck Expander M Die

Bullet Seating Die,  Roll Crimp Die

Accessories: Plastic Storage Case
Notes: Shellholder Not Included


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