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50P Pro-Shot Benchrest Quality Pstl. Bore Brushes 50 Cal. ( Package of 3 ) New!

SKU: 50P

Benchrest Quality Pstl. Bore Brush
 50 Cal.
 8 x 32 Thread Bronze
 Package of 3


The Pro-Shot Benchrest Quality Bore Brush is
designed for competition shooters to withstand
 frequent use.

 Construction consists of a high quality brass
  core and coupling with bronze bristles.

The Pro-Shot Benchrest Quality Pistol Bore
Brush is exceptional for bore cleaning with
superior cleaning ability and it will not harm the bore.

The Pro-Shot Benchrest Quality Bore Brush
 has a specific size for each caliber with each
 brush being oversized for extended life.

Made in the USA!

Core Material: Brass
Core End: Looped
Bristle Material: Bronze

Type   Cali. / Ga.   Thread Type   Thread   Male / Female
Rfl. / Pstl.   17 to 20 Cal.   Commercial   5 x 40   Male
Rfl. / Pstl.   22 to 50 Cal.   Commercial   8 x 32   Male
Shtgn.   All   Commercial   5/16 x 27   Male


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