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298B Wilson Combat 1911 Beavertail Grip Safety, High Ride, Blued Finish

SKU: 298B


Beavertail Grip Safety, 

High Ride, 

Blued Finish


The High Ride Beavertail Grip Safety will improve the comfort and controllability of your 1911 Auto.
This is accomplished by allowing the shooting hand to be positioned closer to the plane of the bore
while spreading the recoil over a broad rounded surface.

The bottom of the High Ride Safety features our raised Posi-Release tab
which assures positive grip safety disengagement while serving
 as a grip memory point each time you draw your pistol.

The top of the High Ride Safety has a hammer pocket which makes the pistol more snag-free
by allowing a commander or bobbed spur hammer to sit down in the beavertail when cocked.

Frame modification required. Installation of a Wilson High Ride (#298) beavertail
 requires cutting the frame to fit the beavertail. Our beavertail fitting jig mounts
 to the hammer and thumb safety pin holes to serve as a filing guide to help prevent over cutting of the frame.
Once this cut is made, only a few thousandths remain for final fitting to a perfect match.
Complete instructions included on the use of the fitting jig
and how to properly install a Wilson's beavertail grip safety

- not designed to work with Series 80 Colt pistols. Will work with minor modifications.

These 1911 Auto parts meet or exceed factory specifications.
If you're building a gun, or wish to bring your gun back to spec.,
 these parts will provide exceptional service. 

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