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25CO Wilson Combat Full-Length Guide Rod, 1911 Officer's / Commander NEW! # 25CO

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Full-Length Guide Rod, Officer's / 

1911 Commander


There probably isn't a pistol that benefits more from a Full Length Guide Rod conversion than the Officers Model. First of all, you receive the typical reliability and accuracy improvements which are inherent with a two piece full length guide rod. Then we replace the failure prone stock plug with a highly reliable reverse plug and a single 24# spring. The result is a drastic improvement in performance that will surely be noticed the first time you fire your pistol. This kit will work with the *Colt Officers Model or *Para Ordnance P12, however both require a slight modification to the slide for installation (instructions included). The limited space in an Officers Model and P12 pistol causes extreme stress to be exerted on the recoil spring. For this reason, we recommend that SHOK-BUFF Buffers should not be used in these pistols and the recoil spring should be replaced approximately every 300 rounds. CAUTION: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when replacing or working with firearm springs. Failure to follow this safety precaution could result in bodily injury.

Designed to be used with heavy taper cone barrels when the barrel bushing has been eliminated. For quick field striping, the guide rod has been drilled and a staking pin is provided for pinning back the plug. Minor slide modification required for installation. 

Improved reverse recoil spring plug. 24 lb recoil spring (Colt factory recoil spring is 22 pounds with stock guide rod).
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