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Ghost Inc MTC - Turbo Maritime Spring Cups for Glocks Gen 1-5 & 42/43 GHO_TMC

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For Gun Make: GLOCK

Custom Bundle: No

Vintage: No

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Gauge/Caliber: Gen 15, 42/43

For Gun Type: Handgun

Brand: Ghost Inc

Color: Blue

Type: Spring Cup

Ghost Inc.


MTC - Turbo Maritime Spring Cups

For Glocks Gen  1-5 & 42/43

Revolutionary Design


This will fit all Glock's Gen's 1-5 Including the 42 and 43

The Ghost Turbo Maritime Cups (TMC) are the only Maritime Cups Available that will make your Glock the most 
reliable by permitting the firing pin to bypass water, 
oil or debris better than ever thru the firing pin channel. 

This is done by creating voids for the fluids or debris to pass through. 

This feature insures reliable firing even under water! The Ghost Turbo Maritime Turbo Cups also 
lessen the friction in the Glock firing pin channel.

 You can now confidently shoot your Glock to the extreme! 

You may use this product for all lawful activities.

FYI: Glock, that's right I said GLOCK (not Ghost) will only sell this item to law enforcement 
agencies & the military for official use and requires a letter on agency letterhead.

We have them in stock and we will sell them to all law abiding individuals for a limited time. 

This is the one item that is specified by teams that are on the tip of the spear! 

These are called the million dollar parts. 

Because if you loose one your pistol is worthless. 

So it's worth a million bucks to have a spare set. 

These parts work on all Glocks-1 size fits all!

Manufactured and designed by us, Ghost Inc.


We are unable to accept returns on used, fitted, or altered parts. 
Returns must be in new, unused condition and in their original packaging.